The Modern Artist and Songwriter Journal and Toolkit (ebook)
  • The Modern Artist and Songwriter Journal and Toolkit (ebook)
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The Modern Artist and Songwriter Journal and Toolkit: A Workbook with Everything You Need for a Career Creating Music in Today's Music Industry

This book is part songwriting notebook as well as part crash course in navigating the new music industry! A songwriting journal like nothing else out there!

This songwriting journal breaks down a brand-new strategy for music makers and the entire music industry within 40 easy to read pages, and then gives you an entire creation, release, and promotion strategy for your songs!

The first half of the songwriting journal you will learn how to develop a fanbase, be productive, and make a living creating music. Songwriting and performing music made simple. This is a must for anyone who wants to make money in the music industry.

For the last section of the songwriting journal, you can cut the journal pages out, put them on your walls or in a binder! Use them as a productivity tool that will keep you focused on your music making goals.

SONGWRITING PRODUCTIVITY MASTERED - This songwriting notebook lays out the business of today's songwriting industry in a new and creative way like you have never seen. This songwriting journal contains not only songwriting journal pages, but also plans for your songs and what do with each of your songs, step by step. This is more than just a songwriting journal, it's your game plan. The book is filled with checklists, to-dos, calendars, and a productive way to write songs and get paid. Never be lost, disorganized, or discouraged with your music!

This songwriting journal is more than just empty songwriting notebook pages, it is an entire productivity method based on stacking demos and creative distribution. This songwriting workbook is good for those who are beginners and all the way through the more advanced songwriters who just want to accelerate their music career. The songwriting journal is filled with music composition pages and quick music theory lessons, songwriting prompts, ideas, and a schedule to get you started.

THE NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPLAINED, PERFECTLY - This songwriting journal includes all the different ways that songwriters make income in the new digital age including creating NFT music and digital music distribution. It explains how copyright ownership works for songwriters as well as music artists and indie labels. The songwriting journal even contains songwriting split-sheets and a cue-sheet from TV and Film. You will learn the function of music publishers, how getting your music on film and television works, as well as music streaming services and how they pay songwriters. Get your music on to Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube so that you can get your music heard by the right people in the music industry. Take your fanbase further by establishing a fan club or Patreon. The music business can be a difficult industry to navigate, but Blake breaks it down in a very easy to understand way and shows you how to build a music career from scratch.

Learn how to navigate the music industry, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube by creating a music content strategy that helps you find new fans. This book is a motivator for songwriters, artists, musicians, and producers who want to have a successful career making income and making music. Get songwriting tips, music production tips, and so much more!

GET HELP FROM A REAL PERSON, HELP PAST THE SONGWRITING JOURNAL - This songwriting notebook is different. It comes with a real person who is a music career coach and is accessible to anyone who wants a career making music. Use the book but connect with your advisor too! Blake Makes Music is a music producer, songwriter and artist with a video podcast geared to those who want a career in the music industry, making music.

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