Blake Makes Music is a singer/songwriter, music producer, and content creator who blurs the lines between pop-culture and music.

Having originally focused on playing guitar, it was Blake’s curiosity in the instrument as a child that got him into creating music. However, his talent as a songwriter came later after writing comedy songs for a few projects. That songwriting origin carried on with him as a catalyst through his career in music. Having a lot of his lyrical and musical composition inspiration come from science fiction movies and comic books, Blake gets feels most inspired when telling a story. 

His lyrics are often described as quirky or carefree. He started recording music in his teens in 2003 as digital recording had just recently become affordable and home studios were a new thing. This led to Blake putting music out online and bypassing traditional distribution, which at the time was a new thing. As did many first-generation internet musicians, Blake found ways to market his music and connect with a small cult following when no systems yet had existed. 

Blake started to learn more advanced engineering which he later used to produce local punk and rock bands around Houston, Texas. He was known for having a very lively and vintage sound to his productions. He later moved to Los Angeles and studied guitar performance at Musician’s Institute. 

Earlier in life Blake found inspiration for his songs from feelings of depression or angst. But at this moment in his life, he had found a sense of fulfillment for the first time. He had no more negative feelings to pull from his songs, but he didn’t know how to write about anything else. For quite a while, Blake struggled in the music industry trying to find his sound, his voice, and his niche. This sent him into a musical drought. Years went by and there was no more music.  

Blake later decided to take a job helping younger musicians navigate the music industry. Helping others helped him find his creative spark again, but this time it was different. He was able to learn the shortfalls of musicians and adopted a new mindset for writing music. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Blake broke through his creative noise released over 100 instrumental tracks under various artist names. He also is in development of a musical comic book, called ‘Agent of Chaos’ which shares the title of the music on streaming platforms. 

Today, Blake works on content creation and connecting with others through his YouTube channel and podcast on showing them how to do the same. He works on songs using his newfound production methods, while offering subscriptions to his demo tracks, musical ideas, and songs via a closed fan subscription platform and making some of the songs available via sync licensing and in the form of musical NFTs.